SCHOOL Admission Procedure


    1. Admission to LKG class of the succeeding Academic year is given in October of the previous year. Application forms and prospectus will be issued from the School office .
    2. The Principal reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason.
    3. The minimum age for admission to LKG class is above 3 years and to standard I is above 5 years on the first of June of the year of study. The age limit varies correspondingly for admission to other standards.Note: Relaxation to the age limits will not be granted.
    4. Admission to all classes other than LKG is strictly restricted to the number of vacancies arising in each class every year. Separate application forms will be issued for such admissions and a selection list will be publised. There will be no new admissions to Standards IX,and X .
    5. Students seeking admission from other states or countries should produce Transfer Certificates countersigned by competent educational authorities/embassies of the state or country.


    • Advance application signed by the parent or guardian is requested for withdrawing a student from the school.
    • If a pupil is admitted to or withdrawn from the school in the middle of a Term, tution fee for the whole term should be paid.
    • Transfer certificate will be issued only after all dues are cleared and all the books borrowed from the library are returned.
    • The Principal may ask a parent/guardian to withdraw a child, if the child does not comply with the discipline of the school or is incapable of coping up with the curriculam.


    1. Duly Attested Copy of Birth Certificate
    2. 4 Copies of Passport Size Photograph of the Child.
    3. Proof of Residence.
    4. Parents’ Photographs.


    1. Previous Year's Report Card.
    2. Duly countersigned Original Transfer Certificate (TC) from the previous School.
    3. In case of inter-state students, the Transfer Certificate should be counter signed by the competent Authority.
    4. 4 Copies of Passport Size Photograph of the Child.
    5. Parents’ Photographs and details.
    6. In case of guardian – Photographs and details.
    7. Parents would need to produce original Certificates at the time of Admission for Verification.